7 Steps To Success

There is great success to be found in real estate.

Whether it is things that you want, better opportunities for your children, taking care of your parents, supporting a great cause, the freedom to pursue doing other things you are passionate about, or the desire to leave a really big legacy – all of that can be realized through real estate.

However, there are challenges. Today, the biggest is that there are many choices for investing in real estate. The internet has compounded this with endless articles, blogs, forums, and websites. There is a real lack of focused learning, organized systems, and quality information.

Too many people are getting lost, going around in circles, or are going doing paths which really aren’t taking them where they want to go. Here at Black Belt Investors we do offer multiple paths for achieving your goals through real estate. We care about helping you to get the results you really want, without the detours. That means choosing the right strategies and tactics for your ultimate goals, and which are aligned with where you are starting today and need along the journey.

The 7 Steps to Success system will take you from here to there, whether you are just starting out in real estate, or have been investing for 20 years and have done thousands of deals. This success path will fast track you to where you want to go, in the most efficient way.

For Active Investors

We’ve designed a great system for scaling your results and staying focused. This is for those that are excited about getting in and making things happen themselves. You want to get engaged in the field and take action.

7 Steps:

1. Get a Game Plan
We’ll help you come up with a custom battle plan for your individual needs and goals through a free strategy session.

2. Learn
Enhance your knowledge of your primary strategy; wholesaling, rehabbing, or rentals. In your strategy session we’ll help direct you to the best section of our online training Dojo, webinar, or local event to get you to the next level.

3. Start Generating More Cash
Start putting your new power tactics and strategies to work to begin generating more cash and better returns fast. Our training camps are designed to help you supercharge your results.

4. Leverage the Masters Program
Get top level help on the ground at your location for dominating your niche and market.

5. Optimize Your Finances & Business
Maximize your financial freedom with advanced strategies for automating your business, protecting your assets, and saving on taxes.

6. Leverage Elite Personal Coaching
Every successful leader has a coach. Get a personal success coach for on-demand help and systematic growth.

7. Become an Affiliate
Join the BBI affiliate partner program and scale even further while helping others achieve their financial goals.

For Passive Investors

If you are simply looking to put capital to work in great turnkey investments we have a 7 Step Success plan for you too.

1. Free Strategy Session
Start by taking advantage of a free strategy session to equip you with the best game plan for achieving your goals quickly, safely, and efficiently.

2. Learn
Boost your knowledge and skills with access to our online training Dojo on-demand, our free Remote Rehabs guide book, or attend a live local event.

3. Tour
Join us to tour America’s best real estate investment destinations and scout property deals live.

4. Add to Your Portfolio
Get on the list and begin adding deals to your portfolio.

5. Advanced Wealth Building & Protection

Take advantage of advanced strategies and help for minimizing taxes, wealth building, asset protection, and estate planning.

6. Become an Affiliate Partner

Become an affiliate partner and expand your passive income while helping others improve their finances.

7. Black Belt Investors Consulting

Get advanced personalized advice and coaching on enhancing your position, and perhaps even join the team to help educate and equip others to achieve their goals.

Are you ready to get everything you wanted through real estate and more?

We’ve got the system. We’ll put you on a personalized plan to breakthrough your goals.

Get started today with your FREE Strategy Session