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Indianapolis, Indiana


2015 State of the Sate

100k new jobs added. $800M in funding for new roads. $200M pledged for education. Indiana aims to become a beacon of hope, and example to the nation.

Indy Sets New Tourism & Convention Records

New HQ to Attract Tech Talent

New Projects Planned for Indianapolis

2015 Metro and Economic Development Committee

Explore Indyland


ent is finished. It also said Kansas City has a high crime rate and poor public transportation. – July 30, 2010

Historic Indiana Real Estate Being Revitalized

Former Al Capone hideout, and historic landmark, one mile from Notre Dame campus being auctioned. Read more…

Not-For-Profit Development

Developer prepares for giant boom of boomers needing rentals with 434 acre site. Read it…

$100M+ Dedicated to Renovating Historic Indianapolis

A $2 million parking garage, $20 million transit center, $30 million downtown office renovation, and a $100 million tower are making Indy cool. Find out where they are doing now…

Indiana Looking to Fill Over 1M Jobs

They say they best real estate is where the jobs are at. We’ll Indiana is working to prepare to fill 1 million jobs. Read More…

“Thriving Communities, Thriving State” Initiative

The Hoosier State is running up to its bicentennial anniversary, and a deadline for instituting new makeovers and initiatives to boost commerce. See what the president of the Indiana Fiscal Policy Institute says about building stronger economic zones…

Obama Visits Indy’s Ivy Tech

President appears to think Indy’s a big deal too. Check out the Twitter fest…

2015 to Be Best Year for Indy Yet

Indiana University, Kelley School of Business forecasts 2015 to be best year for the local economy since the recession. Find out how fast it will grow…

Indiana Business Review Forecast for 2015

Indy has added 40k jobs, and expanded by 5% last year. Now experiencing strongest employment in 7 years. 2015 expected to be best yet…

Indiana Housing Growing Strong

Statewide and local housing headed up. Central Indiana home prices rise 13% in December.

Market Overview

Indianapolis Market Highlights:

  • Indianapolis is the 12th largest city in the US
  • Is the state capital of IN
  • Considered a gamma Global City by the Globalization and World Cities Research Network
  • Ranked among ‘Best Downtowns’ by Forbes and
  • Population has grown consistently since 1980 Census
  • Ranked as 6th best city for jobs by Forbes in 2008
  • Has added 100,000 jobs since then
  • Expected to add 1M job openings over the next 7 years
  • CNN/Money ranked Indianapolis as 1st for recent graduates
  • The National Association of Home Builders has ranked Indy as the most affordable market in the US
  • Yahoo Real Estate ranked Indianapolis as a top 10 city for relocation
  • Indianapolis International Airport is a global free trade zone
  • Cheap acquisition costs, plenty of room for growth and attractive yields