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  • Benefit from advanced tools and support

Access More Real Estate Deals On-Demand

Whether you have been struggling to find more deals to flip, or just need access to more deals that make sense, this is for you.

As an affiliate you get access to BBI’s inventory resources. That means prescreened deals that we’ve vetted and will work as rehabs and positive cash flowing rentals. That means access to all the deals you and your buyers can handle. We’ve done thousands of these, and are still going strong.

Slash Your Workload

Instead of having to go out there and sweat and spend hours finding deals, negotiate them, do your inspections, finance them, and then market and find buyers, what if you just had to find buyers?

As an affiliate, that’s it.

You find the buyers. We do everything else. We close the sale, and even provide ongoing support and full turnkey property management. You look awesome, you get paid. You can make 2-3x as much in the same amount of time each month, or more.

Get the Backing of the Black Belt Brand

When you become an affiliate, you instantly gain all the experience, respect, and credibility of a brand that has been in the business for over 22 years. You have the backing of a team who has proven to succeed all over the US, and in all phases of real estate cycles. You’re no longer out there on your own. You are a powerful force in the market.

More than that, you get our team invested in your success. We have already invested heavily in our affiliates. We have on staff marketing experts, researchers, designers, coordinators, agents, managers, and more, who are all working to make you a success.

Earn Discounts on Real Estate Deals

As you move up the ranks as an affiliate you’ll earn the ability to get discounts on your own deals. That means acquiring cash flowing income properties, with even stronger returns, and more value as soon as you get your foot in the door.

Advanced Tools & Support

Black Belt Investors Affiliate’s get their own online dashboard. Access it anytime 24/7. In it you’ll find powerful marketing tools you can just plug in and play to get more leads and buyers. You’ll find direct mail templates, online ads, emails, and social media posts you can use and put your own brand on. Plus white papers and advanced tips. You even get a PowerPoint presentation you and phone scripts to present and close more leads.

We even provide discounts on proven website templates and web pages that can be customized and plugged in for a turnkey business you can have up and running in days.

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