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"Every Champion has a Coach. Period."
  • Get the results you want faster
  • Crush risk, maximize your upside potential
  • Put a powerful ally in your corner
  • Overcome challenges with ease

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I challenge you to name a top level business leader, Olympic or professional level athlete, or real estate mogul who hasn’t had a coach or mentor.

The bottom line is that if you even want a shot of being on the real playing field you need a coach. It’s the fastest, lowest risk, most efficient, and most profitable way to get going and to get to your goals.

  • On-demand coaching
  • Strategy & business planning sessions
  • Help evaluating and saving deals
  • A power partner for fast tracking results

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Whether it’s business planning or coaching, having a successful coach training you one-on-one will help you accelerate your success. Coaching is what sets individuals apart from the masses.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a “white belt” (beginner) real estate investor or a “black belt” (experienced) real estate investor you need an effective battle plan. The lack of real estate business planning is frequently the primary reason investors get knocked out. It is however a proven fact that success is more easily attained if your battle plan has been well thought out, written down, researched, debated and shared with your team. Let Sensei Gilliland and Black Belt Investors help you develop or optimize your real estate business plan, so that your real estate cash machine is constantly producing.

Sensei Gilliland has trained and mentored investors all over the nation one-on-one using his successful system and now Sensei can help you achieve the success you desire. Your personal coach “Sensei” will provide you the support, objectivity and constructive feedback that you need to achieve success. Think about it… the best athletes in the world use a coach to help hone their skills to achieve success why wouldn’t you? Read on to know what we can offer you.

For entrepreneurs that desire to move up in ranks, we can help…

  • Design an Effective Battle Plan
  • Arm You with Reality-Based Tactics to Get the Job Done
  • Increase Lead Generation and Sales Through Aggressive Marketing
  • Provide Intelligence to Keep You and Your Business on the Cutting Edge
  • Put Time Back on Your Side with Management, Problem Solving and Outsourcing

If you are serious about success, then there is no time to waste, take action now!

The Power of a Personal Coach

If you have the desire and passion to be successful and want to reach your goals, but feel that you have run into a road block or maybe you just don’t know where to start, then you need a coach. Not any coach, but a coach that is successfully practicing what he is teaching!

With the Support of Sensei as Your Personal Coach You Will:

  • Layout Your Knowledge to Design Blueprints
  • Implement a System Tailored to You and Your Business
  • Set Up an Effective Action Plan to Accomplish Goals
  • Learn How to Recruit Needed Resources to Accelerate Your Results
  • Train to Focus on Your Strengths
  • Tap the Liberating and Energizing Power of Delegation
  • Develop Key Habits for Continuing Success
  • Be Able to Weigh, Measure and Test for Results
  • Take Action, Train Your Mind and Get Positive Results
  • Develop and Refine Your Work Week and Personal Time Management System
  • Implement Reflection and Evaluation Processes for Continuous Improvement
  • Learn to Know the Numbers – If You Don’t Know the Numbers You Don’t Know Your Business!

Let Sensei coach you to help maximize your skills, channel your energy and develop the true potential that you’ve always had inside you. Remember, your entrepreneurial passion and the desire to achieve success lay within you and if you don’t take action it is only a dream. There is no better time than right now than to turn that dream into a reality. The time to become a peak performer is today!

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