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Learn How to Build Your Own Successful Business & Take it to the Next Level…

This is your chance to get the edge!

This live training is for all aspiring entrepreneurs, business owners and real estate investors. Join Sensei Gilliland, a highly successful serial entrepreneur that have successfully run multiple businesses with multiple locations for decades.

Learn how to tap into your personal skill set to capitalize on quick profits, find clarity, create great branding, develop a strong professional image, find free and cost effective promotion and advertising techniques, leverage the internet and simplify operations and bookkeeping.

In our opinion, this course is mandatory for all aspiring entrepreneurs and current business that desire to increase profits.

This course will save you time, answer your questions and give you the freedom of becoming your own boss, and increase the rewards for those that already are.

Entrepreneurship Done Right

For some the ‘Ramen diet’ and living out of a car while working on a startup can sound like a palatable short term endurance test. But let me tell you that it’s hardly as glamorous as you might think, or the best conditions for elite business performance.

Being hungry might definitely add some motivation, but that doesn’t always translate into the best and most profitable business decisions or presentations. Champion fighters and athletes know how important it is to get good rest, stay nourished and train hard.

Starting a business or growing a passion for investing into a real business can be easier than ever today. That is providing you have a sound strategy and are armed with the right tactics and tools.

This is exactly what this business entrepreneurship training is all about – giving you the tools to succeed and win without having to struggle for months.

Modeling Success

It’s far better to learn from the mistakes of others than replicating the blunders yourself. We’ve put together an exceptional training seminar which arms attendees with the best practices and systems for growing a business based on years of testing and honing, as well as leveraging the latest technology and trends.

Whether launching your own independent consulting practice, a small local business or investing in real estate and aspire to growing it into a highly profitable enterprise quickly this training is invaluable.

What You’ll Learn

Come Discover…

  • The Systems Used by Today’s Top Serial Entrepreneurs
  • Habits of Hyper-successful Entrepreneurs
  • How to Run Multiple Businesses in Multiple Locations Simultaneously
  • How to Maximize Your Unique Talent Capital
  • Tips for Finding Clarity and Big Picture Thinking
  • Essential Elements of a Great Brand
  • How to Develop a Strong Professional Image, Fast
  • Where to Find FREE and Low Cost Advertising Opportunities
  • How to Hire and Manage a Team Effectively and Efficiently
  • Tips for Leveraging the Internet and Social Media for Simplicity and Speed
  • LOTS more!

Get On the Fast Track to Your Goals Today

Whether your immediate concerns are getting your new business idea off the ground, kicking your revenues up a notch and enjoying more freedom as a business owner, or just bulletproofing your business plan, you can get on the fast track to your goals right now by registering for the next Entrepreneurship and Business Training event.

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