Rehabbing Houses Training Camp

Find It, Fix It and Flip It.

Are You Ready to Fix and Flip Houses for the Big Bucks?

Ready to master the ins and outs of rehabbing houses for high profits? Want to learn the tricks of the trade and the pitfalls to avoid for fixing and flipping houses fast, for large lump sums of cash, or renovating to hold for ongoing cash flow and long term passive wealth building?

Ready to discover top level tips and tactics for finding discounts on deals in your local area as well as how to research out of area markets, run the numbers, manage your teams and flip for quick profits?

It’s fun; it’s not as hard as you think, and it’s a money maker!

I, Sensei Gilliland will show you exactly how I’ve helped thousands of other investors to make some pretty big bucks using the my streamlined system Find It, Fix It and Flip It or Rent It. You will learn how to find the deals, minimize risks and maximize profits at my next small group training…

Rehabbing Houses for Profit

The market conditions for rehabbing homes just keeps getting better. From the markets still rich in distressed properties to the most sizzling housing markets in the country rehabbing works, and is enabling both fix and flip and rehab and rent real estate investors to turn up their cash flow and build wealth.

Rehabbing means adding value, and that’s a winning real estate strategy that can be applied and works in any market, anywhere, and in any phase of the housing cycle.

Depending on the market and properties being dealt with rehabbing can be as simple as lightweight cosmetic improvements or as adventurous as complete gut renovations. The key to success is knowing the right improvements to make which will maximize ROI, and having a system that can be replicated again and again, without it turning into a job.

Learn & Earn

Whether your goals are to generate large lumps sums of cash in the short term, to develop substantial passive income streams from cash flowing real estate, or to build long term wealth and enjoy superior returns, or all of the above – rehabbing houses can deliver.

Join Me for My Next Rehabbing Houses Training Camp and Learn How to:

  • Hone in on Local and Abroad House Deals
  • Pinpoint the Best Real Estate Markets
  • Build Distressed House Inventory so You Never Run Out of Deals
  • Avoid the Pitfalls of Rehabbing and Working with Contractors
  • Analyze Deals Fast and Accurately
  • Dig in and Learn How to Find and Create Discounts
  • Identify the Highest Returning Home Improvements
  • Manage Teams Effectively and Efficiently
  • Take Advantage of the Best Tax Benefits
  • Protect Yourself and Business
  • Find Opportunities to Partner Up
  • Gain Access to Leverage, Even without Perfect Credit
  • Rent or Resell Fast and for Top Dollar

Take Control of Your Financial Future Today

How much longer will you let the best deals sail by or procrastinate on seizing your full potential in real estate investing?

This is the real deal. You’ll get the inside scoop from some of the most respected industry leaders, practical knowledge to put into play immediately and benefit from being introduced to more advanced tactics to give you the edge over the competition.

Opportunity is knocking…

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