Wholesale Training Camp

Discover How Wholesale Real Estate Tactics Can Put Thousands of Dollars in Your Bank Account in 45 Days or Less having The Ultimate Real Estate Cash Machine

If you could succeed in real estate investing, what would that mean to you? Could you pay off bills? Take a vacation? Quit your J-O-B?

Hi, this is Sensei Gilliland, creator of The Ultimate Real Estate Cash Machine™, The Wholesale Warrior™ and the system “Find It, Bind It and Assign It™.

I have earned multiple high-degree black belts and I apply that same martial arts focus and competitive mindset to flipping wholesale real estate deals. In fact, I’ve taught thousands of individuals how to go from weak-kneed, white belt contenders in the wholesale real estate market to black belt, moneymaking warriors.

Even if you’ve never sold anything in your life, I’ll show you how to create an action plan designed to find sellers, close deals, and earn huge profits in as little as 45 days with The Ultimate Real Estate Cash Machine™ using my “Find It, Bind It and Assign It™” system.

Here’s the real kicker: I’ll even show you how to score thousands of dollars without cash, credit, or risk. You won’t even have to take title to a single property! In my exclusive “Find It, Bind It, and Assign It™” system, I’ll train you how to make the market work for you, no matter the state of our economy.

Learn to Close Wholesale Real Estate Deals Like a Pro
Unlike other real estate “gurus,” I hold nothing back. When you train with me, I’ll show you industry moves that separate the winners from the losers. I’ll walk you through the process from start to finish and help you create an action plan so you can discover how to close your first deal in 45 days or less.

I’ll train you in real estate marketing tactics that work. In my Wholesale Training Camp, I’ll reveal stealth marketing maneuvers that show you how to hit the seller’s pressure points until they tap out and cash out. I’ll train you in the basic, intermediate, and advanced skills you need to find buyers, formulate deals, and walk away richer each and every time.

Get Rich with Your Own Real Estate Cash Machine!
This live Wholesale Training Camp prepares you for everything you need to make closing a deal as easy as possible. I’ll show you how to create cash by focusing on these strategies:

  • How to Target Properties and Develop a Niche Market
  • Learn to Flush Out the Owners Like a Bounty Hunter of Vacant, Abandoned, and Boarded-up Houses
  • How to Rapidly Build Your Cash Buyers List Using Ninja Techniques
  • How to Get Paid within Days by Piggybacking Off Your Competition
  • How to Evaluate a Deal to Make an Accurate Offer in 20 Minutes or Less
  • Frame Conversations and Negotiations Using Persuasive Key Words
  • How to Properly Structure Offers with Sellers so You Get What You Want
  • Learn to Fire Sell Properties Using Aggressive Marketing Tactics
  • How to Manage Your Time so You Can Wholesale and Still Have Time for Your Family
  • How to Break Through Barriers That Make Other Investors Stop Dead in Their Tracks
  • And Much More!

In this no-holds-barred, moneymaking training camp, you’ll learn what it takes to seize deals by finding distressed properties and sellers. You’ll work with sellers and buyers to create a win-win-win opportunity for you, the homeowner, and the buyer.

Here’s How “Find It, Bind It and Assign It™” Works
My three-part system will show you step-by-step how to earn thousands of dollars within weeks.

The First Part is to “Find It”:
Here you’ll learn how to…

  • Set Up and Get Your Business Off and Running
  • Draft the Right Professionals for Your Power Team
  • Locate Your Wholesale Market and Set Up Your Area of Operation
  • Use Inexpensive Guerilla Marketing Tactics to Lure Sellers and Buyers
  • Use the Internet to Seek Sellers, Owners and Find the Deals
  • Build a Cash Buyer’s List as if Your List was Taking Steroids

Once Your Phone is Ringing Off the Hook, We Start the Second Part “Bind It”:
Here you’ll learn how to…

  • Frame Conversations when Speaking to Motivated Sellers
  • Collect Important “Intel” about the Property and the Owner
  • Quickly and Accurately Perform Your Due Diligence and Strategize the Deal
  • Formulate Offers and Options in 20 Minutes or Less
  • Get the Seller to Submit to Your Offer Using Effective Negotiating Tactics
  • Understand and Complete a 1-page Wholesale Purchase Contract

You Hooked the Seller and Now You Start the Third Part “Assign It”:
Here you’ll learn how to…

  • Aggressively Market the Property so it Gets Sold in Less than 72 Hours
  • Get Most of the Leg Work Done for You By Engaging Your Power Team
  • Excite Buyers that will be Lined-up to Buy Your Property
  • Secure the Deal with Buyer and Get Paid before the Closing
  • Use an Assignment Contract to Flip the Deal to the Buyer for a BIG FAT FEE or Double Close the Transaction for Very Large Profits
  • Use an Easy Step-by-Step Sure Fire Plan to Have Multiple Deals in the Pipeline

This is where you’ll make a profit without using your own money. No credit or bank involvement whatsoever! You’ll flip the paper to another investor and get paid before the end of the scheduled closing. It’s that easy!

I’ll show you how to find eager investors through target marketing and assign them to the contract that you’ve negotiated with the homeowner. This is where the deal gets even better. Your assignment fee is typically 10%, 15% and a lot of times more than 20% of the sales price! These returns are bigger and better than a realtor’s commission. Once you close the deal, you repeat the process!

Everything You Need to Succeed is Here for You
I’m not going to talk at you and hope that you somehow “get it.” Instead, I’m going to mentor you through the ranks of real estate wholesale investing by revealing how to actually put your knowledge into action.

Here are just a few things we’ll cover:

  • Marketing Tactics that will Catapult Buyers and Sellers into Your Database
  • Evaluating Leads Using My Simple Method to Know if it’s a Good or Bad Deal
  • Strategizing Deals to Give the Seller Options they Can’t Refuse
  • How to Assign Contracts, Double Close and AB-BC Closings for Big Paydays
  • Contractual Work so You will Know the Ends and Outs Like a Pro
  • Flip Risk Free Using My Masterful Exit Strategies
  • Flip Properties without Cash, Lenders and without Taking Title to the Property
  • Creating a Business Plan so that Your Cash Machine is Always Producing Golden Paydays
  • How to Upgrade Your Life Style and Have More Fun Than Ever
  • And So Much More!

We’ll even role play several times through the process, so you’ll know how to put into action what you’ve learned.

This Program is Not for Spectators
If you have no game plan and prefer to sit on the sidelines, my program is not for you. I work only with individuals who are ready to get in the ring and take action. A professional fighter knows that you cannot shadow box and expect to emerge a winner. You have to be willing train hard, get in the ring, and go for it fearlessly.

Are you ready to emerge as a winner in your real estate game?

The answer better be YES and I will help you get there.

Let me start with this… I am Going to Give You These Exciting Bonuses…

Wow…. that’s $7,697 in bonuses included in this incredible offer!

Ready to Become a Black Belt Wholesaling Ninja?
If you’re ready to take charge of your financial future, now is the time to take action. Enroll in my Wholesale Training Camp today so you can start making money with The Ultimate Real Estate Cash Machine™. Act now and you’ll soon be on your way to a moneymaking career in wholesale real estate!

Register Now, so I Can Show You Exactly How To Find It, Bind It and Assign It™!


To Your Flipping Success,

P. S. This event can be tax deductible. (Check with your tax advisor for details.)

P.P.S. If you feel in your gut that you know you need this education to become the investor you’ve always wanted to become, delay no more! Step in my ring so I can help you get paid. Remember… the investment costs of your education is minimal to what you will be making and with the course being tax deductible and my iron clad 100% Money Back Guarantee you have nothing to lose.

P.P.P.S. Are you still hesitant to get in the game? Then let me throw in an extra bonus… I am going to give you a free 30 minute telephone coaching session to help put you on the fast track of success! This one-time-offer is only good if you act now, so make an appointment today!