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Remote Rehabs

Remote Rehabs℠ is Indisputably the Easiest & Most Profitable Solution for Capitalizing on the Current Real Estate Market Today

Have you been dreaming of making big money from buying and selling houses, building substantial steams of cash flow from income producing real estate, or just enjoying better profits from the real estate investing you have been doing, in less time?

Then Remote Rehabs was created just for you!

There are countless real estate investing gurus, books and out dated courses out there cashing in on the hopes and dreams of aspiring investors by making finding, fixing and flipping or renting out properties appear simple. Of course those that have invested in the majority of these programs have quickly discovered real estate investing is anything but a no-brainer.

It’s not that sourcing, prospecting for, negotiating, funding, renovating and managing rental properties or flipping them quickly is rocket science. However, anyone that has tried their hand at it will be fast to admit it is complex, requires a significant amount of education and learning in the field, as well as a lot of time and a small army of team members and vendors to make work.

To make it tougher, only a small fraction of investors live anywhere near where the best deals are at any time.

This is Where Remote Rehabs Gives You the Upper Hand

We Find it, Fix it, and Rent it for You – You Collect the Profits!

Remote Rehabs was born specifically to eliminate all of the above challenges so that you simply get to enjoy all of the best rewards of real estate investing.

The Perks of Remote Rehabs℠ Include:

  • Get your own ‘Black Belt’ Success Manager to work with on every deal
  • A conveyor belt of highly attractive, fresh deals, at deep discounts served up on a platter
  • Professional Power team to help negotiate, execute and manage every aspect of your deals from A-Z
  • Eliminating all of the time drains, headaches and mistakes
  • Overcoming the challenges of out of area investing to take advantage of hot markets
  • Reclaiming your time
  • Maximizing potential yields and wealth building opportunities

About the Remote Rehabs Team:

Remote Rehabs℠ is powered by Black Belt Investors. Founder and President of Black Belt Investors, Sensei Gilliland has been investing in real estate since 1995. Over the last 13 years Sensei Gilliland has developed an extensive real estate empire, received significant press coverage as an industry mogul, and heads 12 Rounds – “The West’s Top Ranked Real Estate Investor’s Club for Successful Cash & Wealth Building”

Is Remote Rehabs for Me?

Remote Rehabs℠ is quite likely for you, if you want to increase your income and wealth, and…

  • You don’t want to become a full time handyman or have to forgo vacations to fix renters toilets
  • You want to fully capitalize on the opportunities in the current market before they are gone
  • You have other things you are passionate about spending your time doing
  • You desire better returns on your investments
  • You want to control your own financial future

Whether your real estate investment priorities are building wealth quickly by turning houses, or securing financial freedom by generating cash flow from rental properties Remote Rehabs is for you.

How it Works:

Your Remote Rehabs℠ team will work with you to…

  • Formulate a personalized game plan
  • Recommend and connect you with financing sources as needed
  • Provide a comparative market analysis for evaluating deals
  • Serve up a selection of properties which meet your criteria
  • Assist with all negotiations, contract work and transaction coordination
  • Obtain repair bids from contractors
  • Supervise property improvements
  • Provide professional assistance for listing and selling property
  • Connect you with professional property management for holding for cash flow

A whole team of professionals for full support from beginning to end, access to true deals at wholesale properties, and being able to capitalize on nationwide opportunities in the best markets at the best times with precision makes the Remote Rehabs℠ program unbeatable for both returns and freedom.

What’s Next:

Whether you are ready to roll or still have questions contact Black Belt Investors and inquire about Remote Rehabs℠ today to take the next step to a wealthier, freer future…

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