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Secure your place at the life changing 2016 Retire on Rentals event, get armed with all you need to build a portfolio of profitable income producing rental properties, efficiently, and quickly, so that you can retire earlier, and better.

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Learn and instantly plugin over 20 years of market experience, so that you can cut through all of the misinformation and scenic detours, and get right to creating the results you want most. Build your own portfolio of cash flow producing, wealth building rental units, so that you can enjoy the lifestyle you crave, give your family a better life, and create a legacy that will have a real impact.


Event Details
March 26th 2016
Check In: 9 AM / Begins: 9:30 AM / Ends: 1 PM
Embassy Suites Downey – 8425 Firestone Blvd., Downey, CA 90241
Limited Admission while seats last

The Real Deal on Retiring on Rental Property Investments
At Retire on Rentals you’ll hear directly from Sensei Gilliland, founder of Black Belt Investors, Remote Rehabs, and the top ranked real estate investors club on the West Coast.
Sensei and his team have over two decades of experience successfully pinpointing the best acquisitions nationwide, honing the rehab to rent ready process, tenant screening, placement, and property management, mastering the right balance in leverage, and exiting on time with laser like accuracy.

It’s time to kick all the fluffy ideas and theory to the curb. It’s time to take action, and to start gaining traction and real results in your finances.

Whether you are already retired and want to bulk up your nest egg, improve your income, and preserve your savings, or you are fresh out of school and want to hack time and finances to live life the way it should be while building wealth, having the ability to retire early, and creating an amazing legacy; this event is for YOU.

Come and Master:

  • The 5 year retirement plan
  • Understanding real estate market cycles, trends, and timing
  • Picking the best markets to invest in
  • Sourcing undervalued rental properties
  • Knowing how to size up deals fast
  • Securing residual income streams
  • Pinpointing the best time to buy, rent, and resell rental properties
  • Where to get financing, including non-recourse loans
  • MORE

uDirect’s Kaaren Hall has been working with dozens of sophisticated investors that have been using self-directed IRAs to boost their net investment returns by keeping the IRS out of their pockets legally.

If you have wished there was an easy and legitimate way to stop handing over so much of your returns to the tax man each year, and have wanted to have more control over the performance of your investments you are not going to want to miss this event.

Self-Directed IRAs have many other benefits too, including:

  • Asset protection with investments being classified as retirement savings
  • Ability to leverage investment capital with non-recourse loans
  • Ability to direct investments in what you know best, and in top performing opportunities
  • Diversification
  • Invest in your retirement outside of Wall St.

Getting Started is EZ:

  • Roll over existing 401ks or IRAs to a Self-Directed Plan
  • Set up a new IRA


If you’ve never experienced Sensei of Black Belt Investors or Kaaren Hall of uDirect events before – you’ll be glad you found a refreshing new source for ACTION BASED intel that propels you to your goals.
We’ll show you how to Retire on Rentals, if you take the first step and secure your spot NOW…

Pre-registration: $25 pp / Walk-in Registration: $35 pp