Social Media Workshop


How To Successfully Leverage Social Media to Grow Your Business

Social Media Marketing for the Entrepreneur is a one-day, content-rich workshop that covers all the bases for getting the most out of social marketing, whether you’re targeting private money lenders, engaging cash buyers, or building your company’s brand with online reputation management and customer service.


At the Social Media Marketing Workshop, you’ll learn how to:

  • Properly Set-up and Optimize all of Your Accounts
  • Sign-in to all Your Accounts and Post Messages Lighting Fast
  • Rapidly Build a Following of Buyer’s, Seller’s and Lender’s
  • All About Bookmarking so You Never Lose a Site Again on Your Desktop, Laptop, Tablet and/or Mobile Devices
  • And a Whole Lot More…


Think about it… if you had over 100k in your database don’t you think you would find the money you need for your deals? Of course you would!


So expect Michael to teach you…

  • Hot to Maximize Your Social Impact with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Etc.
  • How to Maximize Engagement and Start Conversations with Your Current Followers
  • Learn about Blogging and How to Develop Content to Drive Traffic to Your Site
  • And Ultimately Managing Your Social Media Community

Michael absolutely loves to teach real estate professionals and investors just like you on how to get your real estate business or any other business online and making-money. Using his practical tips and tactics as well as easy to learn strategies will take your business to the next level. You don’t want to miss this powerful Social Media Workshop!

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