Asset Protection and Wealth Preservation

Asset Protection and Wealth Preservation for Investors and Entrepreneurs

Learn how to protect your wealth and maximize your returns with advanced asset protection strategies, vehicles and tactics. Find out when you should and shouldn’t incorporate, the best states for registering your entity, how to increase privacy, leverage nominees and registered agents the right way, options for holding title to properties and the tax planning strategies of the wealthy.

The Best Defense is a Good Offense

Whether you are an elite mixed martial arts competitor, an Olympic Boxing contender, real estate investor or business owner the same rule applies. One of the best ways to protect your title, position, income and assets is to have a good offense.

When making gains is building a business, branching out and accumulating wealth and established streams of passive cash flow you need a good plan to protect it all. Otherwise it can all vanish in an instant.

Asset protection and tax planning is also equally about maximizing net income and gains. Without a strategy and the right tactics you’ll always be working twice as hard as the next guy, while they gain double the traction and you give away double digits of your potential returns to the tax man, and perhaps even far more in frivolous lawsuits.

So gain the advantage to increase results faster and protect what you win by increasing your knowledge…

This advanced knowledge is what truly helps the wealthy get and stay wealthy, while the rest are forced to constantly work harder and may retain only a fraction of results.

Come Learn:

  • Asset protection techniques used by the wealthy
  • Different forms of real estate ownership and how they can help or hurt you
  • The benefits of Land Trusts and what they will or will not do for you in your investing
  • When a Corporation will benefit a real estate investor and when it should be avoided
  • Learn the impact of a Limited Liability Company versus a Limited Partnership can have on your real estate investing
  • Retirement plan options that will expand your investing opportunities and potentially save you thousands in taxes
  • The appropriate entity for your particular form of real estate investing
  • How to avoid Real Estate Dealer Status with the IRS
  • How to reduce tax liability
  • How to shield your assets from problems, and turn those problems into solutions
  • Foolproof techniques to ensure your family’s financial future
  • Essential estate planning techniques that will protect your family and avoid probate
  • Which states that offer great asset protection and which states to avoid
  • Tax planning for your real estate investing
  • And so much more!

Tailored Advice for Ensuring Your Ongoing Success

It’s never too early to gain this knowledge. Yet, many have suffered major losses and have made critical and mortal mistakes by seeking it out and implementing it too late.

Forget trying to come the web for nuggets in this arena. This is a fast changing element of investing and wealth building. Success relies on having the latest information and don’t expect top financial planners and the wealthiest individuals using it to be handing it out for free or publicizing their strategies in online forums.

Come get the real 411 on what works now and coming trends to get the edge.

We’ll cover the ins and outs of corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships, land trusts, living trusts, retirement plans, and corporate credit and most importantly – help you understand what is right for you.

This is a session you shouldn’t miss!

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