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Learn the Ultimate Step-by-Step Wholesaling Real Estate System… “Find It, Bind It and Assign It”
at My Next Wholesale Training Camp

Dear Investor,

In this money-making real estate training camp, I will teach you how to earn thousands of dollars without investing a single penny of your own money. In Fact, I will show you just how easy it is to earn a thousands per deal by finding distressed properties and flipping them for a profit. Once you know my top secrets and put them into action, you can flip deeply discounted real estate deals without cash, credit, or risk!

Your Training Begins:

November 4-6, 2016, Monrovia, CA


Let me start with this… I am Going to Give You These Exciting Bonuses…

Bonus #1: Rapid Success Email Coaching with Sensei!

Because I know that you may need some extra guidance after you’ve graduated from my Wholesale Training Camp, here’s what I’ll do for you….You will receive 6 weeks of email coaching sessions directly with me to answer all your wholesaling business questions. With this offer, how can you not develop a highly effective real estate cash machine? You can get good and get going right away! True Business Value… $600

Bonus #2: Exclusive Wholesale NetWorkout

This is a 90-day follow-up after the training. We’ll get back together as a class to network with other investors, work out any business issues, strategize, and I’ll help you fine tune your business. The best part is that you can attend all the NetWorkout trainings for the rest of your life free! Yearly Value… $1,500

Bonus #3: Access to Transactional Funding and Unlimited Proof of Funds Letters

You Read that Correctly! I will give you unlimited access to proof of funds. Just imagine how powerful of an investor you will become when you have available cash to fund your bank controlled deals.True Business Value… PRICELESS! Yearly Value… $2,400

Bonus #4: Re-Attend Any and All Wholesale Training Camps for 1 Year Absolutely Free

It’s All about your education and staying engaged! The more you become engaged the easier this business becomes and the more fruit you will produce. So attend them all! True Business Value… PRICELESS! Yearly Value… $1,497

Bonus #5: You and I Flipping Houses Together

That’s right… you have the opportunity to do the real estate business with me! Here’s how… Let me train you on how to use my proven system Find It, Bind It and Assign It, coach you along the way to get your cash machine up and running and once you get a deal bring it to me. I will evaluate it to make sure it meets my requirements, then buy it from you or help you sell it. Think about it… with my experience and database of hungry buyers now on your side you can expect a quick payday. True Business Value… PRICELESS!

Bonus #6: 30 Minute Tax Strategy Session

You’re flipping houses and super sizing your income… You need to learn how to keep what you earn and keep Uncle Sam out! True Business Value… $250

Bonus #7: 30 Minute Asset Protection Strategy Session

If you are going to flip houses then it’s best if you build your business on a strong foundation. Spend 30 minutes with Sensei’s asset protection attorney so you can learn the advantages of corporations, LLC’s and partnerships. True Business Value… $250

Bonus #8: All the Legal Agreements & Contracts

When doing deals you need to have the best contracts that will help you close the deal. True Business Value… $700

Bonus #9: FREE Access to the Premier Pre-foreclosure List

If you want to capitalize on properties headed to foreclosure, then you must have this list. True Business Value… $500

Bonus #10: BBI Grant

Use this $200 towards your next training, coaching or investment property. True Business Value… $200


On Your Own this Would Cost You a Minimum of $8,794 and cost you a whole lot of time.

But for a Small Investment You Can Start Today for Only $997!

Don’t delay because you could be losing thousands!


All service purchases (live events, coaching, etc.) are 100% refundable within Three (3) Days of purchase date and as long as you have not actively participated in the subscribed service. All refund requests must be in writing, signed by the purchaser, and faxed to 951-280-1904. Signed requests may also be scanned and emailed to Invest@BlackBeltInvestors.com, but BBI cannot guarantee email or fax reliability, so please follow-up with your cancellation by giving BBI a call at 951-280-1900. The 3 day refund period begins the day after purchase and ends at Midnight PDT on the 3rd business day.