The Master’s Program

Give Me Just 3 Days in Your Home Town, and I’ll Show You How to Become a Real Estate Wholesale Ninja and Put Check after Check in Your Bank Account Each Month!

In this intense, cutting edge, personal training Master’s Program, I’ll show you how to make thousands of dollars flipping real estate properties with very little or no money out of your own pocket. This personal, on-site field training will produce stronger, quicker results than the Wholesale Training Camp alone. If you’re ready to stuff your pockets right now with thousands of dollars in cash, it’s time to get in the ring with me and start flipping properties like a real estate ninja!

Are you tired of canned real estate programs on CD (maybe even on 8 tracks) that teach you theory but not real-world application?

Have you been misled by real estate gurus who promise to show you how to make millions but leave you with more questions than answers?

Are you ready to take charge of your financial future and make tons of cash?

I’m Sensei Gilliland, creator of the Real Estate Wholesale Master’s Program. I’ve transformed thousands of white belt real estate wannabes into wealthy, wholesale real estate ninjas.

If you’re ready to hit the streets alongside me, I’ll reveal to you the stealth secrets I use to make thousands of dollars in cash by flipping wholesale properties. Here’s the real kicker….I’ll help you build your real estate cash machine in your home town!

Okay, let’s be real here. You and I both know it’s not that simple. Even if you know the textbook secrets of flipping houses, you’ve got to get your hands dirty to take down the competition. You’ve got to locate sellers, find buyers, and create win-win-win transactions between you and everyone else involved. Most importantly, you’ve got to know how to get into the ring with a calculated strategy.

The good news is that if you’re ready to take action now, my Master’s Program will give you the hands-on training and in-the-ring experience you need to succeed and make money fast!

Here’s how it works. This hands-on, step-by-step training program is like my Wholesale Training Camp on STEROIDS! This isn’t a retreat. This is an intensive, in-the-field training program where we’ll execute cutting-edge techniques that are needed to flip properties, assign contracts, and perform double closings.

Here’s my promise to you… You choose the location—anywhere in the United States—and I’ll show you on-site how to become a Wholesale Warrior™!

Together, we’ll work to…

Set Up Your… Ultimate Real Estate Cash Machine™!

This program is for individuals who are ready to take action right now! You name the location, and I’ll walk through my process systematically.

I’ll Show You How To…

  • Scout an Area, Designate Your Target Zone and Take Down Distressed Properties
  • Set Up Your Buy and Sell Business and Recruit a Power Team
  • Leverage Your Competition so You are Always Ahead of the Game
  • Become a Real Estate Ninja!

You’ll learn tactical real estate maneuvers in the trenches – no holds barred! I promise not to hold anything back. I will specially design your training to your specific location.

Here’s Why The Master’s Program Produces Instant Results

I will walk you, step by step, through the actual steps I take to generate tens of thousands of dollars each month from real estate transactions. We’ll work on your home turf, so your results will be based on actual field experience not classroom theory.

Here are my promises to you…

  • You Won’t Step Foot into a Classroom. This is Personal, Hands-on, On-site Training with Me!
  • You Won’t have to Pay Travel Expenses because I will come Straight to Your Door!
  • Together, we will Evaluate, Strategize, and Adapt My Ultimate Real Estate Cash Machine™ not just to Anytown, USA but Specifically to YOUR TOWN, USA!

This program is designed to help you get in, get out, get paid just like a true ninja. If you have questions, I’ll be right there with you to answer them and guide you through the process.

I’ll specifically put into practice my exclusive Find It, Bind It, and Assign It ™ system.

Here’s what you’ll learn…

I’ll Show You How to Find It!

Learn how to find distressed properties that need rehab and create a niche market that you can really tap into. I’ll show you how to build a rapport with sellers, buyers and professionals. I’ll also teach you how to blitz the MLS to make several offers in just minutes.

This isn’t for wannabe investors, sorry no wimps allowed. We’ll actually get in the trenches and hit the battlefield full force!

Here’s What You Can Expect:

  • Forget what You Might have Heard About Making a Single Offer in 20 Minutes. We’ll do Much Better than that. In Fact, in Less than 2 Hours, We’ll Make at Least 100 Offers!
  • We’ll Hit the Streets and Start Taking Inventory. I’ll Show You How to become a Bounty Hunter to Track and Find Owners of Vacant Properties
  • We’ll Develop a Marketing Strategy that will Attract Buyers and Sellers Like a Magnet! I’ll Show You How to Start Advertising In The Streets of Your Town.
  • We’ll Focus Our Sites on Distressed Properties and Owners – Specifically, Drop into Wholesale Markets, Rope Off a Couple of Target Zones and Go to Battle
  • Next, We Develop Exclusive Databases Filled with Buyers, Sellers, and Renters, as Well as Professional Services to Fuel Your Ultimate Real Estate Cash Machine™
  • Finally, I’ll Show You to Create Your Own Power Team by Scouting and Recruiting Professional Services

At this point, we’re just getting started. Next, I’ll show you how to get in the ring and take action!

We’ll Show You How to Bind It!

I’ll walk you through a two-page selling script to hook the seller into signing a contract so you can arrange to flip the contract to a buyer while making a profit for yourself. You’ll formulate an offer that creates a WIN-WIN-WIN for you, the homeowner, and the buyer.

Here’s How It Works…

  • First, We’ll Role Play What to do When Motivated Sellers Call You. I’ll Show You How to Frame the Conversation by Using a Simple yet Effective Script
  • Then, You Will Field Live Calls
  • I’ll Show You Simple Techniques You Can Use to Research the Owner and Property to Determine its Value by Using the Internet
  • I Will Teach You How to Select the Right Strategy, Run the Numbers and Make a Solid Offer Over the Telephone. You Won’t Have to Step One Foot Out of Your Home to Do It
  • Next, We Will Study the Negotiating Process Through Role Play. Then, You’ll Put It into Action by Making Live Calls
  • You’ll Then Learn How to do a Physical Evaluation of the Property. We’ll Actually Do a Live Walk-through for Each Site, so You Can See How it Really Works
  • I’ll Explain in Detail to You How to Get the Property Under Contract. If, for Any Reason, You Don’t Get a Deal Under Contract During Our Time Together, I’ll Work with You One-on-One, and We’ll Role Play Through the Process so You Can Get it Right
  • I’ll Train You How to Get the Upper Hand through Negotiations and Contractual Techniques that Use Little or No Earnest Money
  • Finally, You’ll Learn the Exit Strategies that Allow You to Walk Away Without Risk

I’ll Show You How to Assign It!

I’ll show you how to find eager investors through target marketing and assign them to the contract that you’ve negotiated with the homeowner. Now, the deal gets even better. This is where your real estate cash machine starts generating cash!

  • You’ll Learn How to Develop a Marketing Campaign to Sell the Properties Quick
  • You’ll Learn through Role Play How to Field Calls from Motivated Buyers, and then You’ll Put Your New Skills into Action in the Trenches
  • You’ll Learn How to Frame the Conversation by Using a Simple yet Effective Script for Buyers
  • Then, I’ll Teach You How to Negotiate the Deal with the Buyer
  • Once You’ve Negotiated with the Buyer, You’ll Assign Your Contractual Rights to the New Buyer. If, for Any Reason, You Don’t Get a Deal Under Contract During Our Time Together, We’ll Role Play Through the Process so You Can Master It
  • Finally, I Will Teach You to Get Paid Before the Closing

By this time, we’ll have your cash machine up, running, and spitting out cash in no time!

There’s More!

I won’t spend 3 days in the field with you and then leave you to figure out the rest on your own. You’ll also receive these FREE bonuses…

As you can see, this isn’t a program for pansies. It’s for people who are charged with adrenaline and ready to take action to reach their financial goals.

In fact, this program is so action packed that you’ll typically earn back the cost of your tuition plus more after just one flip!

If you think you have what it takes to get in the ring with me and get your Ultimate Real Estate Cash Machine™ fired up, act now and you’ll be on your way to building cash and wealth in wholesale real estate in no time!

Ready To Become a Wholesale Ninja?

If you’re tired about listening and reading about how to be an investor and you’re ready to get specialized training, now is the time to take action. Enlist in my Master’s Program right now so you can start making your dreams become a reality.

Enlist Now and I’ll Show You Exactly How To Find It, Bind It and Assign It™ Ninja Style!

Now Go Flip a House,

Sensei Gilliland

p.s. Not sure if this is for you? Then let me through in an extra bonus… I am going to give you a FREE 30 minute coaching session to help put you on the fast track of success! This offer is only good if you act now, so make an appointment today!

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